final preps in dartmouth

Julie and Geoff
Sat 14 Aug 2010 11:00
We have been getting ready for this trip for such a long time, and daily there seems to be a variety of set backs.... I think this is probably just going to be life on board!
Main delay at present is that our heating system has broken down, and has had to go off to the manufacturer! Not what you'd expect with a brand new system, so we are waiting for this to come back.
Our current plan is to set off on the 22nd/23rd August, ahead of Regatta in Dartmouth.
We have had a whole host of family and friends coming on board to wish us well on our travels and been spoilt by numerous friends and family, feeding us up before we go.... no idea what we have done to deserve that!
Today's missions are the dump, again, and again!!!!!  Still got lots of stuff in storage.  Sorting out a second anchor and lots more chain, and all the final bits of spares we may or may not need!
All for now, Julie and Geoff