benodet two

Julie and Geoff
Sun 24 Oct 2010 10:10

The Benodet Two


Really getting into this French living, feeling like a local, whatever they feel like!!!


Went to the mobile phone shop in Quimper, and spoke to The Manager, who was fantastic and managed to get us sorted out with mobile broadband, finally. He singlehandedly restored our faith in the French. Only problem is, that French mobile broadband is hellishly expensive.


We now go to a local fish shop which opens up at 1830 most days when the catch of the day turns up!! Really fresh fish, need to eat local delicacies in order to pay a good price. Langoustines 15 euro a kilo, spider langoustines 6 euros!!!! (they are smaller but much sweeter, just a lot more work!!!)


Everything is about my training, and Geoff has started to call me Rocky and he is Mickey, Rocky’s aged trainer! We get ready for our training sessions which start with 20 minutes of almost running (fast walking), to a location further along the coast path ( as we get faster the location gets further away), we then carry on with a very robust walk for another 2 hours or so. (We try to get lost, so we have to walk for longer still!!!)


Ideally the surgeon wanted me to loose another 3 stone before the operation, (picky!!!)  I lost 1 in the first month, (from the 6th September until beginning of October) and I have no scales so hope I can loose more before the 24th November. Op day. My clothes are getting looser, so you never know.


Geoff-sorry Mickey has just found the resistance bands which my personal trainer nephew Ben gave me! I have been going to use them for the last 6 months, but couldn’t find them; we knew they were on the boat somewhere!!! Don’t they say that muscle is heavier than fat, surely I’ll be putting weight on if this continues!!


We are coming back to the UK on the 16th November, and will be staying until I’m better, at least end of December.


Geoff is going to try and cook for me over this time, and he has never cooked before, so I may make the operation, but sadly not the food afterwards!!!!!! His training will start shortly, be very afraid Geoff!


Rocky and Mickey