Plymouth - Fowey 50:20.047n 004:37.768w

Julie and Geoff
Wed 8 Sep 2010 09:32
Well we finally left Plymouth yesterday at around 2pm.
We really loved the Barbican area around Plymouth, not what we were expecting at all.  The only down side, as I mentioned earlier was the noise from the night clubs!
The boat has had all the problems sorted out, and a few other things too! The 3 instruments have all been replaced and seem to be working fine.
We had to get the boat out of a very tight berth, and then onto the fuel berth, and then through the lock, before starting navigating out of Plymouth. We were a little stressed to say the least as this is the most close quarter manoeuvring we had done on our own!!  As it happened, with a bit of a plan, it worked out perfectly.
We then started to head out of Plymouth Sound and into the sea. There was quite a swell running and a good south-westerly force 4, so we decided to run as close as possible to the wind along the coast and tack just before Fowey and then back into Fowey. This all went ok, accept for one of the tacks we ended up "hove to" (basically the boat is not moving in the water, only drifting), not good close to shore, we quickly worked out how to get out of this, and had the boat going again within a couple of minutes, all good experience. I have to say that I think it was may fault as I was on the helm, and passed back through the wind after tacking!!!!   (It's sooo unusual not to be Geoff's fault, I may need counselling!!)
Anyhow arrived in Fowey safe and sound just as the light was failing around 8pm. Felt like we had gone back to our sea school days as over half the boats in here were Sea School boats!
Spent a really rolley night on the pontoon mooring at Pont Pill, and still haven't decided the course of action for today!
The new instruments have been put in, but all need calibrating, which we very wrongly had assumed would have been done! One reads feet, while the other reads metres, and there is no sailing wind speed etc etc, so todays mission is sorting this out! Someone said that we'll never be bored sailing with only 2 crew on a 45ft boat, there is always something to do!!
All for now, where next Falmouth or Brittany?
Julie and Geoff