Atlantic crossing from Bermuda 21

Thu 28 Jun 2007 12:13
Wednesday 27th. Wind on the beam most of the day  so very good sailing till it died about mid afternoon.  Starting to see some other craft now, another  yacht about five miles away which could possibly have been  one of the Azores and Back race boats.  A gas tanker and a big Portuguese fishing boat all in the same patch of ocean which is unusual.  Motoring on and off through a fairly calm sea during the night and same as I write Thursday morning. Under 300 miles to the Scillies now, anticipate arriving before noon on Saturday. A good nights sleep has made all the difference to the mood onboard. Joel's head wound is healing up nicely with no sign of infection. Everyone on the boat complains of a strange taste in the mouth and throat. This has been a problem since day one and we have not discovered the reason. Suggestions have been.... Dehydration,  possible.  Gas leak, not probable. Carbon monoxide from the engine, problem persists even during no engine periods.  Gas from the batteries ? The most likely culprit is the water tank though  water from the tank is only used if  boiled first. A complicated subject and we don't know enough about it, I read somewhere that bugs produce chemicals as well which boiling wont remove ? Whatever it is, its not very pleasant.  I'm sure some of our clever friends must have some suggestions which would be interesting to hear.
The plan is to spend Saturday on Scilly and depart early on Sunday morning, eta Falmouth early Sunday evening. All well apart from the above.  Manny