Atlantic crossing from Bermuda. 13

Thu 14 Jun 2007 19:07
Wednesday was a pretty wet and miserable day and the rain lasted well into the night. Blowing from astern the rain soaks everything in the cockpit and blows down the companion way. Truly 'wet bum and no fish' conditions. Cant really complain though, the wind has remained steady from the same direction though a bit fluky at times reducing our speed to under 4 knots.  Not always easy to remain upbeat when you feel wet and mouldy but doing it ok. The generator problem has been solved, the impeller for the cooling system was broken which was a surprise as it was replaced very recently. All fixed and running ok. The prop problem investigation, which was scheduled for this morning, was postponed again, the wind picked up steadily during the morning so it was thought best to press on while we could. (possibly saving Michel from becoming Orca's breakfast?)
 Lunchtime today (Thursday 14th)  we're bowling along at 7 plus knots in bright sunshine, little fluffy clouds drifting lazily across the sky, the sea back to a nice blue/green, everyone drying their clothes and bedding, taking photographs, lazing about, preparing a nice lunch. Perfect tradewind conditions but rolling like hell, how things can change.  Missed another fish when the reel started to scream early this morning despite the brake being full on. Joel had filled the spool as far as possible with 100lb breaking strain line, a wire trace strong enough to lift a car at the business end. Whatever grabbed it must have been very big, coupled with the 8 knot boat speed it took about 5 seconds to disappear with the whole lot. The truth is the equipment is not up to the demands of fishing in these conditions. We have now abandoned the rod and replaced it with a hand line, Moby Dick, be warned !
Distance to go now down to 432 miles, making very good time so Sunday arrival at the Azores still looking good.  Manny
ps Just had another look uptop, we are now booming along in 30knots, a dramatic seascape of white horses all around, awesome.