Atlantic crossing 15

Tue 12 Dec 2006 23:03
First the good news. The man overboard was found after 4 hours in the water
!!! need I say more.
Monday was a desultory kind of day, very hot, fished a bit in the early
morning and evening but caught nothing. Not much wind during the day so did
a few boat jobs. The maintenance is very necessary and ongoing, things that
you least expect suddenly let go, mostly minor but could become important if
the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worst. Did my usual midnight stint
on deck, a very dark and squally night. The moon is getting later and later,
we are still working on GMT for convenience as the ARC timings are the same.
Saw squalls racing past us a few miles either side so settled down with the
music, not for long though as we were swatted by a humdinger, ten minutes of
heavy rain and confused wind and sea, then peace again. They can be seen as
great black clouds approaching rapidly from astern and then going ahead
after dumping on you. Very interesting to see during the day a few miles
off, quite spectacular in fact. The rain and winds are warm so it can be
quite refreshing if you are dressed for it. Tuesday was a similar day with
the wind dropping away to nothing by early evening. Did a bit more fishing
till the two lines became hopelessly tangled due to the lack of wind and the
boat wandering about. Bit of a struggle refuelling from 20 liter cans of
diesel without making a mess, managed it ok. Had hoped it would be the last
time for the trip but by ten o'clock we were forced to start the motor to
make any headway at all. So near and yet so far, we will be under the 500
miles by tomorrow evening. We saw a ship, the first since leaving Las
Palmas, we must be on our guard now as we near the windward islands, bound
to be a lot more traffic. We have been running a dry ship, not by design
just that we don't seem to want it, plenty of booze on board unopened. ? Bro
Vic is coping very well but I don't really think he has been himself for the
whole trip, not sick for ages but just a bit apathetic which is certainly
not him, plenty of interesting talk though which has been great. Alex is
like a big dog, keep him full of food and he has boundless energy and
enthusiasm for everything, great company and a pleasure to have aboard.
Afraid to get me kegs off sometimes though as his camera is everywhere. We
keep figuring out the eta, the only problem with it is the question we cant
answer, will we get any wind ? I am trying to fuse these last few days in my
memory as it may be the last time I pass this way, such a staggeringly
beautiful place, dawns and sunsets are a blast of colour, each event
different from the others in a mysterious kind of way. Wish we could just
plug all our brains together, words are so inadequate aren't they ? Still
talking about Jos Brosnan, the man who had to abandon his lovely Nic 32,
Compromise, shortly after the start due to a medical emergency, he must be
feeling rotten. He is young though, so !
When we get to St Lucia going to dance till I drop. Puts me in mind of our
old St Lucian Granddad, once at a family celebration, he must have been well
into his eighties, he threw his stick into the middle and danced till he had
to be helped to bed. Keep warm. Manny