Episode 8 ?

Fri 25 Aug 2006 23:30
Hi all, my second attempt this evening as still rough. Managed to get the
boat settled down and reefed for Thursday night, just as well. all hell was
awaiting us again. The wind piped up more and more, dont have a any
windspeeds as the Nasa is up the chute, brand new gear as well. Great walls
of breaking water all around coming from every direction, diffult to
guesstimate 5? meters, 10? 25 knots ? some waves appeared higher than the
mast, huge and menacing and glittering with phosforesence )?) excuse errors
please, struggling here. Didnt allow Sue on deck so shared her shift with
Alex. Washboard in and hold on tight with your knees. Didnt feel scared
untill I heard an express train approaching, ye Gods, biggest wave ever seen
in my life screaming out of the darkness but luckily for us it broke short
of the boat, some foam pounded into the cockpit but surprisingly little
damage. Nothing structural anyway, just rope and stuff smashed around. Also
had a visit from a ship in the middle of it all that ruffled a few feathers.
Felt sorry for those trying to rest down below, like being in a kids money
box, remember all that shaking ? Altogether a hellish night in every way and
none of it forcast. If they ever invent a Vorgan drive I would go to Mars in
a Nic 32, I.ve said it before but I dont care, what a great boat, sliding
down those waves with
only a hint of broach, and that corrected by the unreal manic waving of good
old reliable James the windvane. I am finally beginning to understand the
finer points of setting it up. what a tool. Having said all that, I am
grateful for the kick up the backside the storm gave us, as I write, 11pm,
we have 100 miles to go and eta is 7/8 pm Sat. Good day today as the storm
abated,chance to get some grub down us and a whisk around with a babywipe.
The person writing is not the same one as left home, different ambitions and
points of view though not a good time for assessment. Cant write anymore as
on deck soon. A feeling of elation is creeping over the boat, as dry land,
with apple trees, rooms that dont try to shake you out, peace and quiet,
beckons us on. Glad to report crew tired but happy and missing everyone.