Atlantic crossing. Bermuda 4

Wed 30 May 2007 00:26
Up at first light after motoring all night with the French on watch and worried about fuel consumption.  The fuel gauge is a bit unreliable, the only sure way is to dip the huge tank. Pleasantly surprised to find our conservative  figures worked out well and we have enough fuel to motor for another 30 hours. Given that we had about 234 miles to go at first light, averaging 7 knots gives us 280 miles by my reckoning.
Still being cautious as the price of failure could be quite high, we switched off the engine and set all sail. Light wind from the s/w soon freshened and we were romping along in sunshine over a smoothish sea having a very civilised breakfast around the cockpit table.  Have sailed all day and covered 70 miles by 7pm as I write. A small problem this afternoon when the water pump quit, only turned out to be a poor connection so soon fixed.  Richard and Joel both live in the Provence region of France and fixed us a great Arico Rouge salad with all the trimmings. We call them red kidney beans. Done up expertly with red cabbage, onions, garlic, subtle use of a little bacon and a French vinaigrette dressing it was a treat.  'Haleine du Cowboy'   cowboy breath,  a French _expression_ for garlic eaters,  was ignored by all.   We had planned to have Durado steaks to a mouth watering recipe described by Joel, only problem Durado ! All in all a very pleasant day. Not in too much of a hurry now,  we don't want to arrive off Bermuda in the dark on Wednesday evening  so trying to time  our approach for first light Thursday morning. No dragons or sea serpents to report and not sure when we will enter the fabled triangle,  watch this space !!!   Manny