Alex's Diary

Fri 1 Dec 2006 20:14
Thisbe Quarterley A.R.C. Diary Part One

Hello this is Alex, thought I'd better speak from another part of Thisbe's
world and bring to you the good news of calm weather here. I am typing with
my feet up across the boat in the fore peak with the hatch open and the long
swish outside as we glide along. It's actually my watch but there are no
boats as far as the eye can see in any direction so I thought I'd chance it
and write a sneaky line while Captain is asleep. I have been anticipating
this event since the summer when the weather was bad and when sailing was a
whole new world for me to learn. I'm enjoying not being the new boy anymore.
Apart from Uncle Vic many people we met as we were preparing the boat had
far less experience in sailing than me and so I felt confident by being a
little bit ahead.

The routine of watches has settled down now so that we do four hours each
around the clock. Manny (Dad) does 12midnight - 4 am and also 12midday -
4pm, I do 4am till 8am and 4pm till 8pm and Uncle Victor does 8pm till 12
and of course 8am until lunchtime. Seems to work a treat but sometimes you
can trade the odd hour with someone if you're a bit tired.

Haven't seen any dolphins yet, Uncle Vic tells me they don't exist, he also
said this about fish but I think this is because we haven't caught any. I
have learnt that even at the age of thirty-two, uncle's still try and pull
a fast one on you. Living here is like having two Dads, but also like having
two younger brothers the way they are together, we always have a good laugh.
You're never sure whether an intelligent comment or another toilet joke is
around the corner. Always talk of people I've never heard of, usually a
famous author or just another person from Truro. Washing the dishes with
sea-water has become a routine now, morning tea is usually tainted with salt
if you get the wrong cup. Always talk of Moonshine, Compromise and other
A.R.C. boats and their positions. Usually goes a bit like........

'Yea, thought 'ee was head of us'

'Naw you've got the map upside down'

"Ear they're doin well'

'Oh that's yesterdays numbers'

'Where's Uncle Rod?'

and so on...

and so on...

Every day at 12 noon the fun begins.

Really great to hear from everyone, still need Anne's email address, it's up
on the wall at home, hope you well all family in Falmouth,
Anne,Alistair,Jess and Olivia.

Not feeling ill at all, feel like the boat is simply an extension of my
legs, almost want to give the legs more of a challenge but I don't think we
all feel the same. Another great bonus of being here is NOT DRINKING BOOZE,
feel like this is doing us all the world of good, don't think about it ever
really. Still doesn't stop me stumbling into bed and banging my head, must
be something that comes naturally to me.

We are precisely one quarter of the way through our voyage, I have a feeling
there's more wholesome positive news ahead as the forecast is great and the
wind is consistent. We are also exactly 200 miles ahead of Uncle
Rod...............I think thats a lie actually............

Had look at the top of the mast, couldn't find that screwdriver Dad said he
left up there so came back down. With soiled trousers and bruised arms, not
too bad, also couldn't see the pub from up there as they promised me. Did
find another rope we needed anyway so brought that down too so it wasn't a
wasted trip. Surprising how far the boat rolls when you have a 13 stone
Cornish lard arse swinging on top of it. Felt like Pasty McArthrow or
whatever she's called.

Watches get easier and we go further south, Don't need waterproofs anymore,
just wear shorts on night watches. Average of 20 shooting stars a night,
some just a quick stripe, others like a jet plane. Also interesting stuff
like satellites and glowing planets like Mars which are always prominent.
All this with some funky ipod thrown in is usually a bit of a one man deck
party for me most nights, those of you with google earth may spot me
dancin'.....tune in 4am weekday nights.

Anyway I'll write some more next week, enjoy the christmas hype y'all
because we ain't havin' none of it

Best Wishes

Alex Cockle

Third mate / Bottlewasher / Deck Hand.