Slow, Slower, Slowest

Tue 25 Jun 2019 17:46
Looking at Brest for two days now an for at least one more day, your feel "slow", sometimes "slower" going to "slowst"?
The wind really dropped and Snelle Vliet is running to the East as fast as possible. A strong easterly wind is predicted tomorrow and want to go to Falmouth in one go from the French side.
We are going as close hauled as possble and doing tacks in the windchanges to maximise the windshifts.
A explorer ship "Polarstar" passed us on port side coming from South. This was the most excited thing that really happened today.
The last pizza we had for lunch this afternoon, so time to go home now. As I predicted to be in tomorrow, has to be re-adjusted.
I won't give any more time frame as the wind is the only one telling us when Snelle Vliet will get in.
Once we are at the Ouessant Traffic seperation zone, it's 90 miles to Falmouth.
The barometric pressure is up, our spirits up and Snelle Vliet "up to the finish".
Let's see what tomorrow brings.
Snelle Vliet,