The first 48 hours

Thu 20 Jun 2019 12:56
Just been 48 hours and have covered araound 200 nautical miles.
The first 30 were nailbiting, to some frustration and very long. Have seen lots of Portuguese Man of War Jelly fish a few dolphins and when finally sailing in the evening, there was this turtle that refused to move while passing by at 1/2 mtr. Beautifull sight though.
the whole fleet was drifting around East and West, and slowly the positions on the AIS faded away.
The breeze was a warm welcome and the Code zero did his job, untill the breeze stabilised and at 22:00 UTC we hoisted the light weather spi. The wind was around 10 knots at that time.
To prepare ourselves furhter in the night we did not want to take any chances and swapped the light weather spi for the medium.
The night went well, bright moon and billions of stars, and while Scorpio was looking at us, we refuelled our stomachs and went on watch system.
We're in a high pressure system at the moment and low that is comming towards us by tonight. It might have occluded but hte weather won't stay as nice as it has been so far.
We don't know the positon of the others but are curious how the fleet is moving along. Behind us we have Exhibitionist on our heels and hoep we can keep off of them.
The wind is now at 15 kts coming south and we're cruising nicely between 8 and 10 kts. what a difference compared to the last two days.
Things really start to move and happy to see the counter below 1.000 miles to Falmouth.
The lunch was great with soup and mix of Fried potatoes, onion, bacon and egss, eally tasty! 
That's it for now and we'll catch up tomorrow with more. Go for some rest now.
Al our best,