Long night

Fri 21 Jun 2019 12:42
With today being the longest day of the year, here another update.
We had a pretty rough night.
Yesterday we continued sailing the spinnaker we had set out the night before. We changed to the medium spinnaker during the day and we continued eating the miles away.... at least that's how it felt.
10 kts cruising and peaks over 14 kts were just awesome.
After the pizza we dropped the medium spi and we set up the heavy spi.
Great choice as wind increased to 20 - 22 kts and we could maintain our speed without the fear of damaging something, going in to the night, with the predicted rain.
Eventually the wind speed and direction changed and had to wake Emiel from his dream-comfortzone to help get the spi down. Just after the drop wind increased 25+ kts, only from the wrong direction.
After having sorted out, we are a few hours further. A message from the organisers came in that our tracking device does not transmit. Of course now the wind is harder, the sails are a mess, it is raining and we are trying to do our navigation. Bad timing as always...The tracking device had a reset and we reveived confirmation that is back in "modus operandi".
Our feeling is that we moved up pretty good and are breaking our heads on going either north or east of the rumbline. Any how the heavy spi is back up and are just above the rumbline, hoping that this wind will stay. We are located before a low pressure system that provides wind further away the center. Keep our fingers crossed that the center won't hit us.
Day 4 might provide the gap between the leaders and the pack, for us another 810 nautical miles to go.
Spirits here are well, being tired is the main key and hard to catch up on sleep.
Boat is doing fine, besides a couple of bruises we too and keep and eye on us!
Snelle Vliet, out