Lazy Sunday

Sun 23 Jun 2019 16:13
Let's start that the pasta yesterday didn't fly.
Weather was not optimal, with 30+ kts overnight. The main was double reefed and we put up the smaller genua. Seems all quick, but knowing that waves are crashing, wind is hauling and clipping on with lifelines it takes hours.
Throughout the night it was sailing as a safety measure of what might come. A low pressure system, actually two where closeby and with the instruments dead, it's guessing what we have to deal with.
Around 05:00 UTC the wind  calmed down a bit and at 07:30 UTC we took the reefs out of the main and hoisted the heavy spi.
The sun came out and was just a nice break. Taking shower on the deck, get rest and dry the clothes, tidying up the inside was needed as well, with wet spinnakers all over the place.
In the afternoon the wind was enough to drop the heavy spi and hoist the medium. He is doing just great. Cruising in the atlantic like that I take every day.
TIme to do better with the cooking then, With some left overs a bolognese was improvised. Some vegetables in the fridge bought in Falmouth were not so pretty any more, others where ok.
All in all a woth a pasta it tasted just fine.
Now we are at the height of Arcachon about 600 NM to the east, we must start thinking on how to approach Falmouth. Another worry....Smile emoticon tomorrow we'll have a better picture of that.
Less then 500 NL to go now, it is coming closer now and try to make up where we  lost terrain.
So, looking back, to this the Sunday was not so lazy as initially thought, but are back in great shape, catching up on sleep is next.
You'll have a great weekend ending while we enjoy this beautifull atlantic day.
Fair winds.