Another beautiful Atlantic day

Mon 24 Jun 2019 19:23
The "lazy day" yesterday was still in racing mode. Just you know.
The evening yesterday and this evening has been initiated with a Dolphin show. Yes, it's getting boring, but it reamins a joyfull spectacle that makes us realize how special this is. Let's not get it to waste buy being neglected and respect this nature.
From yesterday evening it became clear that the Frnech side is the most favourable one. We changed course hoisted the heavy spi, direction France. THe wind picked too much and at around 02:00 hr we dropped the spi took the small genua off and set up the larger genua.
And here we are still going on port tack with a COG of 060°.
The wind will turn more East, then North East and by Wednesday back to East. With 310 NM to go we predict an ETA of Wednesday afternoon/evening. We hope that the wind won't drop as predicted.
In a little bit we'll be eating hte leftover of the Bolognese with pasta accompanied with a beautifull sundawner, a good way going in to the night. Besides a large cargoship aboutn 8 miles away nothing to more to see.
We keep on chasing the best we can, and the last 100 miles looks already interesting with Windspeeds and direction changes. We must keep a close eye on that.
Have a great evening and more tomorrow!
Snelle Vliet,