Last preparations Punta Delgada

Mon 17 Jun 2019 19:41
Snelle Vliet has arrived well in Punta Delgado, however with a few hick-ups.
After the start in Falmouth, the autopilot has stopped after the first day. It is pretty hard to do the steering continiously and the heavy weather didn't help either and had to do emergency repairs.
Eventually they had to use the engine to get to Punta Delgada.
Snelle Vliet is in good shape now: New steering cable, new autopilot, checked leakage at the mast (almost dry), ...
The skippers briefing this morning had made clear that the little wind that will be there has changed the startingline.
The computers and communication is checked, weather info updated, water and fuel tanks filled and did some grocery shopping.
Tomorrow the last cold stuf, meat and fish and we're all ready to go.
The contestants seem to be all ready and are anxious to get back in the ocean.
Greetions from onboard of Snellle Vliet