Nailbiting start till now

Wed 19 Jun 2019 10:13
People stating that now wind is boring, should review this.
The start yesterday was in perfect conditions, (almost)bleu sky and a fair landbreeze.
At the start we have set our spi as at that stage was the ideal condition, hoping it would stay..
We decided to round the island on western part, due to cuurent and favourable winds.
We had to pass the harbour again the wind was filling in from another direction.
Spi down, and we had him unfortunately flying loose for a minute. that must have been great for the spectators. Sad smile emoticon
Any way it all went well and did about 10 sailchanges in the next 5 hours. Switching to code 0, to spi again, which we noticed a tear, spi down, genua out, repair spi, spi back up and seem to be not ideal, spi back down again, code 0 up,stay sail on, main sail down to maximise spi or code 0.
Close to land was favourite just after the harbour, and after that was the sea favorite. We've seen spinnakers passing by on starboardside, while we closer to and had the genua on port...
Something we had to go through all night with speeds between mostly 0,5 and sometimes 4 knots.
The night went well, when the clouds cleared the full moon we had at least a better view on hte sail and the windangle, that kept tunring around 360°.
The boats that took the easterly route, was in favor a bit, but don't know if that is still the case. At this moment they have not rounded the Island yet.
We'll have to wait for that.
Everything going well, last night had to fix the navigation light on port wich he did in the most profesional way.
Egg and bread for breakfast for as long the bread supply will hod and this afternoon we have chicken with vegetables, salad and potatoes.
And hopefully 100miles futher at the end of the day.
Keep well and till soon.