Almost halfway there

Sat 22 Jun 2019 11:01
Yesterday felt like we lost all the efforts we put in.
The wind dropped, turned, dropped more and there we where parked in the middle of the Atlantic. pff...
Anyway that's way life goes, the rain continued over the night with a breezes for one hour to then "park" again.
It was a it colder and the stars in the night where hard to find. To day was finished with toast Ham and Cheese (Croque Monsieur).
Around 03:30hr the wind started to fill in pretty good, eventually comming from west, that was the moment we waited for.
Put a reef in to stay on the safe side and off we went again at 8-9kts. Oh forgot to say that the instruments failed. No wind speed and wind direction, makes it a bit trickier and we miss them.
With 690 NM to go, we hope the be halfway this evening. At the pace we're going now, we shoud be able to make that.
The sun is out and that makes it different sailing then yesterday for a chance. in a little bit we'll hoist the heavy spinnaker to "guarantee" our halfway mark today..
This is great sailing again with the waves that you only see in the Atlantic. Long and high, and makesit worth it to be here. Today is a garden party my family was invited to, unfortunatley Carine has to go by herself but will in good comapny with our friends and enjoy that as much as I do this sailing.
It looks like the sun will stay out for the day and we'll preparing pasta dish with vegatables and bacon and tomato saus.
While the boat heels left to right it will be challenge, but are ready for it. Winking smile emoticon
Meanwhile we continue chasing the fleet and hope to catch what we've lost. Results you'll see tomorrow.
More later and enjoy the weekend.
Live from Snelle Vliet,