Safana Log 20th - 22nd January 2020 - St. Kitts then St. Martin

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Simon Ashley
Thu 23 Jan 2020 17:54
Finally, we were ready to set off.  Always quite a list if things to do to actually leave especially when one has become more or less institutionalised within the marina! Clearing out from Antigua is a mission especially when the port officer decides to visit her bank for an hour!  Immigration, port and customs eventually sorted.  Electricity and water disconnected, meters read, marina paid.  Gangway hoisted and stowed.  RIB fully hoisted on davits.  Harbour master called to assist with leaving as impossible to remove lines from “telegraph poles” without help.  And we’re off - to the fuel dock!  We were on about half tanks so filled up with diesel which always feels good.

The above having taken all morning, we decided to anchor outside Jolly Harbour for the afternoon and evening and set off in the morning.  It was a beautiful afternoon and felt so good to be out of the marina !

21st January 2020
Sailed to St. Kitts going south about Nevis.  On the way we saw s/v EOS.  The sea was very lumpy, there was not much wind and it was dead downwind.  So motored most of the way which was rather uncomfortable but at least we were going somewhere.  We decided to anchor in White House Bay at the SE end of St. Kitts.  We were anchored ahead of Maltese Falcon, another sailing icon! It's beautiful here.  We arrived in time for sundowners. Then we went ashore and had a fantastic meal at the delightful Salt Plage beach bar, just love it here!

22nd January 2020
Set off at 07:30 for St. Martin, a 65 mile passage.  Motored for about 3 hours to get round the north end of St. Kitts.  Then got into a nice SE wind and had a fantastic sail to St. Martin in sunny weather with wind on the quarter about 14-17 kts.  We sailed all the way under full main and genoa into Marigot Bay where we anchored at around 16:30.  It was a lovely evening but we both felt too tired to go ashore and stayed on board for dinner / early night!