Log 18th - 22nd may 2019 "Laying up Safena for hurricane season"

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Simon Ashley
Wed 22 May 2019 12:30
It was a hard few days to say the least.  Nina and I worked flat out.  Initially we cleaned outside with vinegar and water, then wash and wax.  Nina did all the laundry and organised all the food stuff, cleaned the heads and the whole interior. I cleaned the RIB.  We removed both head sails.  I cleaned and polished all the stainless, removed some of the running rigging and ran messenger lines.  I used plastic sheeting to cover the winches, furlers, and clutches to reduce the amount of dust ingress. Nina washed all the exterior cushions.

This list of jobs is not exhaustive.  There were many things to sort after months of cruising and in preparation for laying up.  Also, it was incredibly hot especially from about 2pm onwards.  You could barley walk on the teak decks with bare feet as it was too hot.

I met with Jaret to discuss some of the repairs and jobs required.  Yens took the RIB to service it and place it in storage.  

Our work was interspersed with cold beers or Pina Colladas in the afternoon plus socialising in the evening.  We BBQ’ed in the Tiki.  We also went out for a superb pizza at a lovely beach bar with Simone and Peter. 

For our final evening, we moved Safena alongside near the lift out ramp.  We removed the Bimini and Spray-hood.  By now Safena was looking quite naked and ready for bed.  She also looked incredibly sleek without any canopies!

Simone kindly prepared steak and ribs that we cooked on the Tiki BBQ and ate on board La Boheme. We spent our last night on board and left Safena for the airport at 0700.  The lift was booked for 0800, i.e. after our departure.  Simone and Peter kindly observed and filmed this for us.

It was weird leaving Safena and there was a touch of sadness that our first season was at an end.  But what an adventure we have had! It has been incredible.  We have sailed some 5,000 miles, been to so many beautiful places and met some wonderful people.  Safena is a fantastic yacht and has proved herself in so many ways in a whole range of conditions.  We absolutely love sailing her. 

We leave comforted by the fact that we will be returning on October 30th to continue our adventure!