Log 9th May 2019 - "Back to Rodney Bay!"

s/v Safena's blog
Simon Ashley
Fri 10 May 2019 14:01
Pos: 14:04.64 N; 60:57.53 W

In the morning Frederic Thouroud from the local Jeanneau Agency came aboard to go through all the issues that need to be fixed under warranty. I think the most likely outcome will be the need to return to Marin next year for the work to be done even though I have asked if the Jeanneau Factory would cover the costs the repairs to be done in Curacao Marine. The biggest job is replacing the hot water calorifier as the hot water is slightly rust coloured and this must be due to corrosion within the calorifier. The remaining items, aside from the ice maker, are mainly cosmetic or fairly minor repairs.

We set sail for St. Lucia. The wind was 12-16kts E’ly and the sea slight so it was an effortless and very relaxing sail. Strange being back in Rodney Bay again!

We anchored in the bay went ashore for dinner. It was surprisingly busy ashore, there is always a buzz in this marina! We ate at the delightful Le Mesa and had a fantastic meal!