Log Day 17/18 - "Tantalisingly close!"

s/v Safena's blog
Simon Ashley
Wed 12 Dec 2018 23:27
As I write this we are only 85 miles from St Lucia!!!

It has been another light wind day and evening. Frustrating as we are now so close. There is a general sense that the ARC forecasts have consistently overestimated wind strengths and gusts. The grib files have been more accurate. Our speed dropped to less than 4kts earlier today and having flogged and flopped for a while we resorted to motor sailing for a few hours. We are now sailing again albeit slowly. All being well we hope to arrive at Rodney Bay tomorrow around midday/early afternoon.

It seems almost unreal that we will see land tomorrow let alone be on it!  The past 17 days have been truly amazing and we cannot wait to share our tales with other sailors. Thoughts of a full night’s sleep and a beer or two are also immensely exciting!

Nina and Andy both caught small Tuna today - both returned.

Our provisions have lasted well but are now thinning out. We had our last sundowner of the passage and it was a beautiful sunset while gently and quietly gliding along under sail.  Nina made steaks with ratatouilles and sautés potatoes.

Noon position 14 35.28 N, 58 19.26W