1st March 2019 - "trying to sort warranty items"

s/v Safena's blog
Simon Ashley
Sat 9 Mar 2019 14:20
Pos: 14 26.23N, 60 53.29 W

On the 1st March we made are way into the hustle and bustle of Marin in the RIB from St Anne, about 2 miles, quite wet and windy!  On the way in, the outboard spluttered and stalled.  It seemed to be fuel starvation.  I don’t think I had the breather valve fully open on the tank which I duly did and pumped up the fuel supply.  It started and ran ok but conked out again on the way back.  The Suzuki is new and has just had first service in Rodney Bay so this was odd.  I was convinced there was air in the fuel line and eventually managed to get it going but there was a bad smell of petrol.

We found A & C Yacht Brokers who are a relatively new Jeanneau dealer and into whose hands have been handed responsibility for coordinating required repairs/replacements in Safena under warranty.

We met a really nice guy called Frederic who invited us back in the afternoon for a meeting to discuss the work required and logistics. Meanwhile we found a great chandlery (Caribe Marine) where we bought several items including a really heavy duty stainless chain and padlocks for locking the RIB as advised by several people we’ve met.  Dinghy/outboard theft remains the number one crime that cruisers need to protect themselves against.

We also found a really good Patisserie where we bough French bread and pastries.  We returned to Safena for lunch, pottered about for a bit then made our way back to Marin to meet Frederic again.  He was extremely helpful.  The reality is that skilled shipwrights and other marine specialists are in such short supply and such high demand that one needs to make plans far in advance.  The upshot is that the work will probably be done in Marin next season when we return from Curacao.  We will need to return to Marin in May for Frederic and his team to inspect Safena and order required spares and plan the works accordingly.  There is also a possibility that the factory will agree to the work being done in Curacao.

On our way back we stopped again at La Dunette for another amazing Pina Colada!  Nina cooked a great Chilli!