Log 26th April 2019 - "Non Such Bay, Antigua"

s/v Safena's blog
Simon Ashley
Fri 26 Apr 2019 13:12
Pos: 17, 04.6 N: 61, 40.2 W

It was another gentle sail from Barbuda back to the east coast of Antigua in fairly benign conditions.  Carl and Ju both took the helm to get a feel for sailing Safena.  We entered Non Such Bay and picked up a mooring at the eastern end of the bay, behind the reef and south of Bird Island.  Very pretty although by afternoon it was quite overcast.

We were entertained by some amazing Kite Surfers.  There were two in particular who were on foiling boards and were whizzing around at phenomenal speeds almost like a syncro pair.  Subsequently we learnt these two were Olympic Team Kite Surfers in training!

Carl started to develop pain, swelling a rash and some blisters on the dorsum of his right foot.  He thought he may have burnt the skin while kneeling on hot cushions/teak to help me with something.

Carl and I took the RIB to the west end of the bay to check out the Non Such Bay resort.  Just as well we did this in daylight first as there was almost invisible “log breakwater” protecting the dinghy dock from the easterly swells.  I doubt if I would have seen this in the dark!

We all got ready and set off for sun downers and dinner at The Non Such Bay resort.  Very pleasant views and surroundings and the dinner was an all exclusive affair.  There was quite a strong easterly wind blowing for our return journey to the east end of the bay so we did get a bit wet!