Log 19th December 2018 - "Pitons"

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Simon Ashley
Fri 21 Dec 2018 21:29
Finally made it out of Rodney Bay!

We actually left the marina and anchored in Rodney Bay on 18th December in preparation for Ben’s arrival. Ben flew 27 hours all the way from Palau and duly arrived in St. Lucia on time. Mike picked him up in the RIB and brought him out to Safena.  We enjoyed our first sundowner all together on Safena at anchor in the Caribbean, something we have dreamt about for years! Later on, the boys went back in to collect Pizzas from Elenas - these were superb!

On the 19th I returned to the marina to sort out departure clearance etc. We then refuelled Safena before setting off for the Pitons. We had a gentle sail and picked up a SMMA mooring right between the two Pitons and very close to the shore, what an incredible spot! There was a bit of a tangle of ropes coming off the mooring and several “loops” of rope attached to the mooring - we tied up to one of these. 

We had a wonderful afternoon swimming etc. Nina went to shower and the boys and I were still in the water. We suddenly noticed that the yacht was lying at a funny angle, then realised that she had come off the mooring !!! OMG! Fortunately we were able to get back on board rapidly, start the engine and resolve the situation but had this happened at night it would have been a disaster! Mike went in the RIB to help us reattach ourselves. The loop that we had tied onto had completely separated from the mooring! This time we checked and double checked the loop was secure! We won’t let that happen again!

Sundowners at the Pitons followed by spag bol. cooked by Mum, a home favourite!

Pos: 13 49.49 N, 61 03.9 W