Log 25th December - "Perfect Caribbean Christmas!"

s/v Safena's blog
Simon Ashley
Thu 27 Dec 2018 23:57
It was the most beautiful weather since we arrived in the Caribbean. Not a cloud in the sky and very hot!  The colour of the water surrounding us in the Tobago Cays was stunning. We all wore our Caribbean Christmas attire.

The day began with a champagne brunch, scrambled eggs, muffins and smoked salmon, as is our tradition.

We then set off in the RIB to snorkel off Baradel in the hope of seeing turtles. We anchored the RIB off the sandy spit. It's the first time we have used the mini Mantus dinghy anchor as well as our Up N Out dinghy ladder - both worked extremely well.  We were greeted with two turtle sightings and were able to get up close to these little beauties - magnificent! Ben got some amazing GoPro footage of them.

We spent the afternoon relaxing in the sun and swimming off the back of the yacht.

We arranged for BBQ lobster to be delivered to Safena for our Christmas dinner.  There was a slight mix up between Alfonso (who had served us the previous two evenings) and More Time (Hecland) who had been recommended to us, with regard to who was serving us that night! Hecland won the day as we wished and what fantastic lobster it was!  Prior to this we had sundowners, Christmas stockings and presents!

Safena was all prepared for dinner down below, all the trimmings, glowing and shimmering! Christmas crackers opened, hats on. Our lobster dinner was absolutely fantastic ! 

We finished the evening playing Donkey, a favourite vintage card game that I played when I was a kid, and we played with our children when they were young. I still have the original pack but managed to find another original on eBay that I had bought and gave to the children for Christmas so that we could play Donkey on Safena!

It really was a perfect day!