Not Far Now. N 49 36 W 005 25

Andrew Yates
Fri 5 Jun 2009 10:56
And so Piccolo bumps her way on towards Cowes with 15 knots on wind on the nose and some chop that is chopping her up and down and up and down and up and down and it's not even wind over tide yet!  Traffic has increased with no collisions to report.
Thursday brought much relief with some sunshine and some calm seas after a fairly bumpy night.  Chef for the day was Mat and some gorgeous tucker he turned out too.  Lunch was the classic 'Spaghetti sur Toast' and dinner was a very eastern Thai Red Curry.  Not a spot was left on anyones plate and with a very generous dose of biscuits and chocolates to snack on the crew are feeling fine.
Last night brought some chop and some banging, some wind on the nose and generally not the best conditions but Piccolo went well and the crew did better.  Skipper Heidi has been feeling a little dizzy over the last 36 hours so Mat and Katie covered her night watches with magnificent commitment and concentration much unlike an England football teams performance in the quater finals of any major tournament.
Today has brought Chef Sam to the galley.  Breakfast was scrambled eggs on toast followed by jaffa cakes and cookies.  The food needs eating so he'll be busy concocting strange receipes from a mish mash of leftover tins and vegetables. Mat is currently sorting through the food with the out of date stuff feeding Neptune with Heidi directing from bed and Katie having a well earned sleep.
Piccolo should land Saturday lunchtime weather permitting where the crew and boat will enjoy a welcome break from the up down up down up down slam of the present.