Day 2 of 2nd leg

Andrew Yates
Sat 30 May 2009 13:13
Great sailing as the wind picked up last night to 15-18knots from a southerly direction so we were able to cruise at 8Knots on course.  The sea and wind have picked up so both the Main and Genoa are reefed and we are still cruising along on course at 8knots.   A low pressure was meant to pass over the Azores today but we should be far enough away from it to only feel some moderate repercussions.
Wimbledon came early for us as last night Katie made a delicious pasta dish and we followed that with local (Azorian) strawberries and cream.....just a little first day treat, we don't eat deserts normally.   More traffic than we are used to as we saw 4 boats last night and had to take avoiding action to what we can only assume was a fishing had so many lights on it was impossible to make out its navigation lights.
All good apart from the foreward heads valve had been left open and I came off watch to find the heads floor inches deep in piss water...... great fun.... no one owned up to leaving valve like that so yours truly had to bail it out (we were on the wrong tack for it to go into shower drain) then use some of our vital water supplies to clean and disinfect.... next time that happens it will be someone elses job!
Sunshine and a spray hood would be welcome if anyone has any clout with the big man!