N 37 25 W 047 32

Andrew Yates
Mon 18 May 2009 18:01
Greetings from the big blue,
Well the last few days have tested us certainly but we're still happy though a bit damp, everythings damp ahhh..
Heidi cooked a nice homemade soup and fresh bread today, very tasty.
The sun came out for a little while but the fluffy clouds are not to far off. The barometers up though so here's hoping.
Katie spoted dolphins yesterday and Heidi on last nights watch, nice to see friendly folk.
Come on the westerlys where are you.....
Never a dull moment on board the  electric bilge pump is now gone so bit more exercise for us pumping, poor Heidi not getting great sleep with it as its right beside her bed.
The engine battery alarm keeps going off but have tightened fan belt and seems to have done trick and we have a rip in the sail .....Come on the Azores ...
So the Atlantic crossing you really do get it all ....
Looking forward to sunshine, dry cloths, sleep, calm seas and nice westerlys to blow us to the Azores in record time :)
Thats all for today...
Heidi, Katie, Sam and Matt xxxx