Mercury Rising in the Perfect Storm

Wed 7 Dec 2005 16:33
As the winds and sea continue to build, Mercury Rising steadfastly follows her track
towards St Lucia. As a result of the high seas,.though, the swimming pool on
the foredeck has been closed until further notice. Some shipmates concerned that the Premier Cru Bordeaux will not serve well after this battering so wine waiters have been instructed to decant and seive to strain out the sediment before serving. 

The Hydrovane self steering gear has started bickering with the auto-pilot,
so we may need to separate them. In hindsight it was clealy a mistake to
allow the self steerer to enter the helming contest (log passim) and not the
auto-pilot (which we have to leave switched off to save power most of the
time anyway).
One suggestion is to allow the two to have a duel to the death; winner
takes all. Alternatively one of them could be promoted to full crew member status.
Another tough decision skipper has to make.

Weather forecasrt for the following days:
Mainly dry with sunny spells and feeling really quite warm in the brisk north easterly breeze. Chance of showers overnight. Pollen count low.
Northern Ireland and Western Scotland will be wet.