Mercury Rising and the strange affair of the missile

Tue 29 Nov 2005 17:52
The southerly route has given us too many calm days, but not all are entirely dissatisfied; there are those on board who maintain that lazing under the bimini, whale watching and taking chilled refreshment is a passtime not to be hurried. 
Dances with Dolphins took his usual morning communion with the pod, or so he thought until realisation dawned that the usual mob don't have big black triangular dorsals. Anyone who has seen a cruise missile launch can visualise DwD's trajectory from sea to deck. Skipper reasonably sanguine, and after the inevitable "which bit of never swim with those *******  fish didn't you understand?" just sent DwD indoors to hone up on species recognition. 
Skipper's provisioning plans still working well, although the chickens have finished their millet and started on our Alpen; things may be coming to a head in the smallholding department up forward. (PS. Two ducks and a goat for sale).
Slight misunderstanding over Skipper's "tomato" plants. Left Skipper and First Mate on deck last night discussing the merits of FM bringing his own stash in future.
Skipper yelling something about " trades " ariving, from which we deduce he's found a decent plumber at last. Seems to have done the trick; boat speed doubled and spirits high, although hard to hang onto G&T. Oh well , you can't have it all ...........