Skippers log

Sun 11 Dec 2005 11:48
Fired navigator yesterday after discovering magnet trademarked "Leopard of
London" glued to compass and a payslip from same in his name.

Have therefore decided to revert to "Boy racer mode " as listening to siren
voice of caution v detrimental to race position.
With that in mind despatched DWD to inventory remaining sails . He has
discovered a previously unused one wrapped around a wire at the front of the
boat which we had been assured by the navigator was a sunshade for marina
use only.

By using above to its fullest extent 24 knots of wind are prevailing over
reason and superhelm is using every butterfly sneeze of this to propel us to
speeds which until recently had been thought inpossible to sustain human

We now confidently expect to cross the line first at approx 18.00 local
time/ 22.00 UTC.

note from Navigator - bugger!

note from FM to Jeremy at ARC office. Urgent please arrange for boat
bringing rum punch to bring 20 Marlboro Lights, Skipper has run out of
cigarettes and no one on board is looking forward to reverse berthing in the
dark with him in this mood. Oh and please bring water, ran out 5 days ago.