Wind at Last for Mercury Rising

Sat 26 Nov 2005 20:21
Second consecutive day of wind so we are seeing a different bit of ocean each day; although they are all quite similar. Only problem with the wind is that half the crew want to go water skiiing. It slows the boat down a little but they have been told that if they fall off we are not going back for them. Good incentive to hone their technique.
Hopefully we are now getting our electrics back in order, but there have been bitter recriminations among the shipmates as to who is to blame for forgetting the extension lead for the shore power.
And after our electrics another problem has emerged. We don't know what day the dustmen come. There was absolutely nothing in the ARC briefing notes and the Atlantic cruising guides are suspiciously vague on the subject. We have taken to leaving the bins out every night just in case but they are still there.
Ship's routine working fine, with cooking on a rota and an efficient watch keeping system. It appears the shipmates have been able to adapt well to sleeping below in their bunks or up in the cockpit behind the wheel.
Some islands coming up ahead. Look suspiciously like the Canaries.