Mercury Rising at the Crossroads

Wed 30 Nov 2005 17:00
After our headlong rush south we finally got to the place where we turn right (apologies for the technial jargon used by the Chief Navigating Officer), although the said navigator needed a few minutes with the AA Book of the North Atlantic before a new course was set for our destination. While respect for the skipper's tactical genius in choosing the extra south route continues unabated, some less charitable shipmates suggest that the real reason is to top up his tan.
But apparently its all plain sailing from here (I warned you about the cliches, ed)
Now we are in an area called the trades (some of the better bred shipmates thought that was a derogatory name for someone who had to work for a living - but apparently they are a wind system; although they seem to get disrupted if someone has a bout of depression, or something like that). Most of Mercury Rising's crew live on in a state of blissful ignorance about matters of the sea.
Small panic set in last night when the stock of AAA batteries was shown to be running low. Skipper and the Quartermaster had to hold the crew back with marlin spikes and bitter ends to preserve order.
Discipline is now restored and the boat continues her journey.