Thursday 19th March 'Bottoms up'

Michael & Amanda Dyer
Mon 23 Mar 2009 23:10
Tomorrow apparently, the sun is directly above the equator which means
12 hrs daylight and 12 hrs dark wherever you are in the world!
If you are standing on the equator at noon tomorrow, you will not throw
a shadow!
Today we applied the first coat of antifoul which has covered really
well over a sickly yellow primer.
This afternoon we were waiting for Aslem (a Rasta) to arrive with his
truckful of homegrown salad and veg. He blows a conch shell to announce
his arrival. Today he had garlic (from China), and we stocked up on
tomatos and onions.
Last night I made some white bread. I brought the dried yeast out with
us just in case we couldn't get any for the crossing. The nearest
supermarket is a bus ride away in Grand Anse. Since we arrived we have
been so busy we haven't stocked up the ship's stores yet.
It has been pretty breezy the last couple of days which has kept the
temperature a little cooler. We are both starting to get a bit of
colour now.
An English couple on the boat next to us 'Coquille' have just launched
and are also sailing back to the UK so we may keep in contact with them.
They live in Penryn in Cornwall where Lowena was built.