26 deg 05 N 14 deg 59 W

Michael & Amanda Dyer
Mon 19 Nov 2007 08:34
I'm sitting here writing in the early morning sun, rocked gently by the
ocean swell as we sail along the coast of Morocco. Last night we were
joined by a pod of dolphins, who enlivened my watch by performing
acrobatic stunts under the glow of the moon. They raced back and forth
along the boat, looking like silvery torpedos glinting in the half
light. Some of them got a little carried away, propelling themselves
vertically upwards at such speed that their return to the water was a
less than dignified belly flop! They stayed with us on and off until
daybreak, travelling miles out of their way for our entertainment.

After the moon sets, the sky becomes a crystal ball of stars. Unless you
have experienced it, it's difficult to comprehend. The night before last
I lay on my back in the cockpit and stared into the sky for hours
(intermittently getting up to make sure we weren't about to sail into
another boat). I must have counted fifteen shooting stars! Some of them
seemed to travel across half the sky, leaving only a short-lived
afterglow to remind you of their spectacular last moments.

Having used the engine more than we would have liked, we are currently
only making 3 ½ knot in 5 knots of breeze. Hopefully the wind will fill
in from the North later.