April 10th - April 12th Days 2-4 'Hard on the Wind'

Michael & Amanda Dyer
Tue 5 May 2009 10:19
Bright & sunny. We did see the full moon last night though neither of
us ventured outside for long. Robin our autosteer windvane faithfully
taking the strain. We are steadily heading north with few degrees of
east. We have probably made 50 miles east but now the wind has backed
to ENE. Progress mainly northwards at 4.5 knots average.
The battery read 12.45 this morning so we moved the solar panel and it
has been in the sun all day and now it reads 12.65- good. I picked up
an email from Adam this morning to say the weather will remain the same
until Monday when we might get headed! Well we'll have to see what happens.
We found some salt water in the forwar bilge about 3 buckets full. we
baled out and can only think it has overflowed from the toilet when
we've been hard pressed.
We reefed the main and let out more jib and she is steadier. We are
averaging 100 N miles per day.

Day three began hot and sunny. Michael pumped the engine sump and the
diesel looked yukky. We were going faster today and steering 020
degrees, averaging 4.9k. The sea is 6-8ft. The battery read 12.37 this
morning and with the panel in the sun all day still only read 12.37 this
evening. We are a bit dispondent as we are only running the GPS! If we
can't get the engine working we are snookered.
The wind dropped towards evening except in the squalls. The sea is
lumpy. Mike wanted to the engine just before dark and I said 'no', if
it didn't work we would be depressed all night. It wasn't a comfortable
night, she slammed and crashed all night. The sun was up earlier this
morning. It is light by 0515.

Day four began badly. With all the slammimg the cooker had broken it's
gimble. One side had sheered right off. We have bolted it down so we
can still use it. Mike pumped the sump again. The engine started and
then stopped. He cleaned the filter and then we put clean diesel in the
filter. The starter motor took a while to pick up diesel and fire up
but she kept running-relief. We ran engine for two hours and charged
iridium phone.