Michael & Amanda Dyer
Mon 3 Dec 2007 13:31
"18:05.8N 42:45.9W"

No wind. Having had complaints from Dad that the extra yankee headsail
was about to fall apart, the wind decided to make sure that that wasn't
going to happen. We saw it first on the weather forecast; a small area
of high pressure, conjoined to an area of low pressure much further
North. We were sailing just into the high, so we decided to alter course
to the South-West. Unfortunately, we've ended up in the 100 mile
diameter hole anyway. The only thing we can do is motor.

There are two upsides to this however; firstly, the swell has gone right
down, so living aboard is comfortable for the first time in weeks.
Secondly, father dearest (who is the most energy efficient person in the
world – the only thing he allows us to keep switched on is the GPS), is
allowing us to use the fridge. Meaning? Yes you've guessed it – cold beer!

In other news- mother dearest baked some more bread. Yum. And we saw a
container ship today (only the second vessel we have seen since we got
away from the coast of Africa). And I've started reading 'War and
Peace'. A ridiculous book. Anyway, this summary sounds about as
thrilling as the Westcountry's local news. So I'll stop.