Journey so far

Michael & Amanda Dyer
Thu 1 Nov 2007 16:11
We left the UK in July 2007 sailing from Falmouth to La Coruna in one hop, Michael, Adam & Amanda. It took 3 and half days averaged 6 knots
and covered 520 miles. We arrived at 0300 on 31.07.07 with a full moon
lighting the way into the Marina Darsena. The Biscay crossing was fine until the last 12 hours when we experienced 40 knots of E wind.
Adam flew back to Uk on 2nd August and Michael and I continued our journey into Rias Corme and Muros and then to Baiona, where we were waited a week for calmer conditions. We then entered Portugal at Povoa de Varzim, 'The Windy City',where again we were for a week weather bound. From there we did an overnighter to Cascais, which was the nicest sail around Peniche as the sun rose. Then to Sines and finally Lagos, where we hauled out. We had a few jobs to do and checked anodes etc

October 22nd 2007 we craned back in water and headed off on 550 mile
sail to Lanzarote. The weather was settled and we began the journey
with a SW 2-3. This gradually veered to the west and we had an enjoyable sail with a 3-4 for the first three days. On the third night
the wind died completely and we motored into still conditions, the sea
was flat calm and the heavens met the sea. It was a moonlight week of night sailing, culminating in a full moon on Thursday night. The sea began to roll gently at first, building to a 2-3 metre swell as we approached Lanzarote in a NW 5. Our course took us over Conception bank (underwater volcano) where we were lucky enough to see turtles, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins and a Brydes Whale surface close to Lowena.
We arrived at Puerto Calero marina at 0900 on 27th October. We sailed 585 miles, motored for 32 hours and averaged 5.3 knots.