Rum Cay

Ron Welch
Mon 11 Apr 2011 13:34
Latitude 23:38.73N , longitude 74:50.96W
April 9, 2011

Ananda departed George Town at around 9am and arrived at Rum Cay about eight hours later at around 5pm........yet another, lovely looking island surrounded by aquamarine shallow waters. Surprisingly shallow compared to the up to 10,000 feet waters we had been motor sailing in all day. This was a short stop to "stage" (boat talk for get prepared) for our 24/25hr sail to Mayaguana, our last stop in the Bahamas.........we anchored for the evening with five or six other boats in the bay.....three of which left at around the same time of morning, heading in the same direction....hhmmmmm...there is not much out there past here.......maybe we are all going to the same place?