Christmas eve's surprise

Ron Welch
Sat 25 Dec 2010 00:05
12/24/10 29:43.92N 84:59.29W Apalachacola, Florida
Due to cold weather, blustery winds, the depth of the water, humane folly, and foreign bodies we are taking a lot longer than we had "planned" to make it to Tampa........we are quickly realizing what it means to be cruising......has something to do with not being in a all! Today we left Port St. Joe at 7am for the scenic trip down the ICW passing through the very shallow waters of Lake Wimico and back into the gulf waters of Apalachacola, Florida. Quaint little fishing town that closed up to celebrate Christmas at about 3pm this afternoon, but luckily, not before we were able to secure some "wheels". Yes we have a rental car.........a car for the a result of the meandering that's been going on, we are close enough to make the two hour trip over to Gulf Shores to spend Christmas day with my mom, Colleen, and our friends Peter and Marian. Not part of the plan as we were directing it, but never the less a tremendous blessing has come as a result of our surrender back into the much greater and bigger picture plan of the elements.....
As humans simply "being" we are elemental...that is, made of the same basic elements that are "putting on the show" so as to speak. Seems, when we truly let go of the plan, when we stop trying to direct and we just move in harmony with all the elements as one, there is always a gift in it for us.
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