Port St Joe

Ron Welch
Fri 24 Dec 2010 03:15
29:48.87N 85:18.61W 12/23/2010

The doctor at the Eye Center in Panama City found a small foreign object in Sharon's eye yesterday and removed it...the eye is recovering quickly now.
We guess it was a piece of plastic from the new snorkeling mask Sharon used when she jumped into the water that night when we were grounded. It
has been fun going around on the trolleys in Panama City and meeting people we most likely wouldn't normally meet. One fellow lives in Panama and
invited us to come visit him when we get there...he will take us around Panama and show us the sites.

Today we were unsure of the weather because it was blowing hard this morning, but we decided to try it anyway. We stayed about a mile offshore
while sailing down the coast to Port St Joe...we made 6-7kts and had a great time even though it was cold. But cold now has a different meaning
from what we used to think as cold....after those days on the Tom Bigbee Waterway.