Arrived at Kos!

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Sun 14 Jun 2009 14:19
36:49.650N 26;32.070E

Friday 05 June, Days Run 158NM VMG 150NM

The NW'ly breeze began to firm up during the day and we continued to make good progress towards the most Northerly channel between Crete and the Pelopenese peninsula. This was the most direct rhumb line route and for once the wind direction suited our course!

By 03:50 on Saturday the wind had eased and we had the engine on once again as we made progress alongside some smaller coastal shipping also using this route. By 10:00 we had cleared Neapoli point at the eastern end of the passage and continued directly towards Kos.

We were now passing to the South of the Cyclades Islands and midnight saw us making 7knots on a close reacg past Ios island. The biggest danger in thes einshore waters was fishing boats and their gear as wehad seen many buoys and floats in daylight hours

Saturday 06 June Days Run 158NM

The wind proved a little  fickle so that each time we came into the lee of an island we would have to put the engine on or motorsail but we were making fast sailing in smooth waters. The night time winds had become much warmer as we approached land again, no jackets required at long last!

By Sunday lunchtime we were motoring along the North side of Kos in familiar waters with a few yachts for company really for the first time in the whole trip. At 16:00 we berthed in Kos Marina having made the usual VHF contact and then being pushed into our berth by the marina rib. As always it was a great feeling to be berthed and "home" again but it was also sad to be finishing another trip.

The log from Malta to Kos read 641Nm giving a total of 1,826Nm from Gibraltar. One thing that was quite uncanny was the number of times our course line matched the previous Westbound track which was still on the GPS.

I look forward to some holiday cruises now with family and friends over the summer and plenty of relaxing!