Cleaner Crew

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Sun 30 Nov 2008 03:16
17:39.71N 25:36.29W
Saturday 29November, Days Run 175NM
With the sea temperature now at 26C and the daytime temperature around 30C, it was decided some showering was needed. With a combination of Seawater rinsed off with freshwater from the stern shower, everyone had a bit of a freshen up after 1 week at sea. We have been very disciplined in our use of Freshwater and have used less than 1/4 of our main tank to date which is good. We have enough bottled water onboard to allow for 2litres per person per day.
We are making more direct progress now wiith a course of around due West ( thanks to everyone who reminded us to turn right!) which has taken us 28NM North of the Cape Verde  Islands. We hoisted our No. 2 Gennaker just after midday when the wind had dropped to around 16knots and this was giving us 7-9knots boatspeed. We put a reef in the mainsail initially to allow the autopilot to steer with the "blue beast" flying but later shook this out.The forecast is still giving lighter winds and a mixed picture ahead so we will take as much distance now as we can while the wind is favourable.
We received a message that Yacht Geisha had been dismasted today and is heading for the Azores under jury rig. Yacht Blue Yonder from our class D has also diverted to the Cape Verde  Islands following shroud damage. Both incidents highlight what a demanding and challenging event the ARC is.
We continue ti see an abundance of flying fish with up to 100 taking off at once at times. We also found a small cuttlefish washed onboard this morning, this must have come from a breaking wave we guessed,
Dave Sturrock