Taking a Flyer!

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Tue 25 Nov 2008 04:51
25:24.14N 16:35.78W
Monday 24 November, Days Run 153NM
The winds have continued to be favourable in the first day of the ARC if a little fitful at times.The No 2 gennaker was hoisted at 03:00 after the wind had eased to around 10knots and has been flown thrioughout this period.  After checking our 3 day forecast we decided to take our first "flyer" of the race series and stay on port gybe as the wind was due to veer to the ENE. This is exactly what happened and our course became due South.We held this course until we were around 35NM offshore before gybing to a more Westerly course. The midday positions provided by the World Cruising Club have shown we were the second most Southerly boat in our class although also the most Easterly. Time will tell as usual if our gamble will pay off, there is certainly plenty of time for future tactics to be deployed based on weather and actual positions. It is to early for me to stake my reputatiion on this call as I would readily do in the Sound of Mull for instance! We have all quickly settled into our routines with 2 crew on 4 hour watches to keep Flyer moving through the water.We did briefly achieve 10knots this morning although the afternoon speed was a bit dissappointing at times.The temperature continues to rise and we continue to have bright sunshine for most oif the day, only a lightweight jacket is needed for the nightime watches. The forecast remains good with around F$ from the NNE due. We have around 16days of downwind sailing ahead of us, it is not often that I am likely to say that!
Dave Sturrock

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