Better Progress

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Fri 21 Nov 2008 02:57
30:40.52N 13:27.54W
Thursday 20 November, Days Run 164NM
A much more consistent breeze today with NE 4-5 initiallly and then rising to NE 5-6. We hoisted the No. 2 Gennaker after lunch when the wind had eased to 14 knots. However when this increased to 20knots soon after we began a serfies of broaches so had to quickly drop this again. We need a little more work here to see how we can carry this sail with 20knots of wind. Despite our best effort and we have b een surfing down the larger waves atb 11 knots, it looks like we will not arrive at Las Palmas until Saturday morning. This leaves very little time to complete all the work and transferring of stores that we need to do. You will just have to watch this space to see if we make the start line on Sunday afternoon. At the time of writing this log we had 182NM still to go.