Light Breezes

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Sun 9 Nov 2008 03:34
37:09.9N 10:50.14E
Flyer completed a solid 24hour run in the period up to 11:00hrs on 08 November with a 150NM run. The steady NW F4 slowly gave way to a Nly F2 - 3 as forecast. Although still making a steady 5-6knots when we passed close by the island of Pantallenia this evening, the breeze has since died and we are currently making forward propulsion under engine. With high pressure centred nearby over Tunisia, there are only very light breezes forecast for the next 3 days. Today was bright and sunny again although slightly cooler, the steady conditions allowed us to get on with some of the small maintenance jobs onboard ( where is Chieffy when you need him!). There was also a live link up on the satellite phone with Oban FM at 6pm when I gave an outline of what are plans are over the next few weeks. Sadly this broadcast was cut short when the phone signal seemed to drop out momentarily. I was also pleased to here that Oban Lorne had a good 22-0 win away to Uddingston in the first round of the Scottish Hydro Electric Cup. Also on Saturday Coleraine Yacht Club had a Caribbean Theme Night as a send off for their Commodore Alan McCann who is joining us in Las Palmas to complete the ARC.
Footnote for Ally, I have not received the 2009 rota as yet. Can you send this in plain text format please.