Mollihawk's Atlantic Circumnavigation
eddie/david nicholson
Mon 24 May 2010 23:58
Now that we have crossed the Gulf Stream and well into the coastal waters the seas have calmed down.
Last night was very Rolly and we all had to wedge ourselves into the bunk to get any sleep. But today brought a much more settled sea and clear sky's again. Air temperature is 24 degrees C  and the sea temperature has also changed significantly.
It was in the region of 24 degrees C and it is now the water is 13.2 degrees C.
We have been very lucky with the weather so far this trip and even up to tonight we have a low to the South West near Florida and another big low North West of us over NovisScotia. We have managed to slip between the two into the coast of America.
At 1800 today we had travelled 509 N miles since  Bermuda with 154 Nm left to go to Newport Rhode Island.  We are averaging 6 knots so we expect with fair winds tonight and tomorrow to make land fall tomorrow evening late.
This evening we had great excitement at happy hour just as the rum was produced the fishing rod , which has been out the back for the past few days saying nothing,suddenly went crazy! The whizzing of the reel had everyone to their feet and JP jumped to his fisherman's position and began reeling in the monster.
Just as it came to the end of the line after much playing of this mighty fish, it jumped off the line and dived deep to freedom!........the one that got away you say!...
But he redeemed himself moments later as JP landed not one but two fine sized TUNA!
With the help of the Gaff which we wouldn't have landed them without we had in the cockpit 15/16 kg's of fish! As we had dinner cooked already by this time  they have been gutted and will be lunch and dinner tomorrow.even at that we won't be able to finish one of them so hopefully someone will enjoy the other when we land in Newport. Otherwise JP is intending on bringing them home in his carry on luggage!
hope to send you some more photos when we land. Till then Good night.