Heading for open waters

Mollihawk's Atlantic Circumnavigation
eddie/david nicholson
Sat 29 Nov 2008 16:17

Date: 29 November

Position 17°34 N 26° W

Winds 15 knots ENE

Calm following seas,


Our heading is west at last as we head out into the open Atlantic on to a 260 degree course. We are now 100 miles west of the Cape Verde’s islands and with just over 2000 miles to the finish line in St Lucia .

We have chosen to take our route South first as there has been a low pressue sitting out to the West of the Canaries and now that we are below it we'll push West.


All the crew are well but are on constant alert to repel boarders. During the night we were attacked by a squadron flying fish. See pictures of the boarders who succeeded on getting on board. O! For a Hurley stick as the boat paddles are too heavy to double on the attackers as they storm the boat rails. JP did a Thai curry last night which was a welcome change from the enforced routine of the flax roughage intake which has been added to all cereals. With the introduction of the curry the crew had the luxury of having eggs and solders for breakfast this morning without offsetting the critical and finely balanced dietary requirements of the transoceanic racing sailor.

keep the e mails coming and any information on how we are placed in the rally to date would be great.


cheers for now

the Mollihawk's Shadow Crew.



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