Bemuda Departed 23-05-10

Mollihawk's Atlantic Circumnavigation
eddie/david nicholson
Sun 23 May 2010 07:40
We left Bermuda knowing that there was a storm brewing in the Southwest and if we didn't leave we would be still there harbour bound.
It worked well for us as the weather was settled to the North where we were headed.
We heard of many boats who were making for port who were travelling up from the islands below to avoid the impending storm.
Bermuda is probably glad we are on our way as well, what was a quiet and quaint harbour of St.Georges seem to come alive with song late at night , especially when two fellows found themselves locked in the stocks! (normally a tourist day attraction).
We paid a nocturnal visit to Hamilton and the staff of The Pickled Onion were particularly attentive to our needs so much so that we missed our bus back home!
We availed of the services of Ocean sails to have our Main sail repaired which has been on a to do list for a good few months now and solved the mystery of the ghost ships which were not showing up on our Radar in the Bermudan Triangle! the loose connection has been found and all is now working as it should.
We sighted two whales again today but as before they don't seem to want to play with us and submerge as soon as we approach.
The night watches are decidedly cooler than down south  (it is now 3.30 AM) but the days are still warm although cloudy.
We have just crossed the Gulf Stream and will be getting a nice lift from the NE current of 1.2 Knots with the winds we have on our beam we are whipping along at 8.5 knots and an average of 7 Kn.over the night.
This winds seems to be staying with us and if so we will be into Newport earlier than expected. We are just 400 miles out now and could be ashore in 2 days time.
Next update ashore hopefully.