First Full Day At SEA Friday 14-05-2010

Mollihawk's Atlantic Circumnavigation
eddie/david nicholson
Fri 14 May 2010 20:52
All's well on board but reaction times are slower than normal as we develop our sea legs.
We have covered 148nm in the first full day in a stedy 20-24 kn breeze on our beam.
As  we departed yesterday we passed by Sir Richard Branson's island (Necker Island) and Jp had the fishing rod out hopeing to catch something BIG!
Well to our surprise he did,Jp produced a fine sized Baracuda on an equally fine sized hook.
Our proceedure in the past was to pour Vodka down his throat to reduce the bloodshed involved in finishing our catch off, but one look into this guys mouth had us all backing off.
We kept his tail and a few of his teeth and filleted him for our first ever Baracuda fish pie tonight!
Our watch pattern also stays the same with everyone doing 4 hour shifts buddied up with the guy before you for the first 2 hours and the guy who follows yopu for the second 2.This results in a lot of sleep catch up during the day.
The wind today has moved more into the North , ENE to be exact and that puts us on a beat for the next few days so we are rolling around a bit in a sea of about 2 meters.
The sun has got hotter if anything and to coin a phrase from our taxi driver in Tortola,' ...some days it is hot and other days it is not as hot as that!' well tht's about how hot it is here too!
Nothing much else happening here in this open sea.

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